Top 10 Fashion Brands For Lucky Bags in Japan!

Top 10 Fashion Brands For Lucky Bags in Japan!

With 2017 coming to a close, we're almost at that time of year again - fukubukuro season! From loud and colorful brands like 6%DOKIDOKI and ACDC RAG to the elegance of Swankiss and LIZ LISA, there's plenty of New Years cheer for the fashion conscious otaku.

1. Make every day a walk through Harajuku with 6%DOKIDOKI exclusives!

The 6%DOKIDOKI 2017 Winter Complete Coordinate Lucky Pack includes a selection of items from the brand’s Harajuku store available exclusively through Tokyo Otaku Mode. As well as the Hankouteki Shikisai Logo Big Silhouette Long Tee w/ Mini Badge, Bonnou 108 Boyfriend Pleated Wrap Skirt, Colorful Rebellion -THANK YOU ALL- Pass Case, you'll find 10 more items selected at random (which would usually set you back $300)!

Take a trip to Harajuku through this unique fukubukuro here~

2. It’s Pop vs Punk with ACDC RAG!

These ACDC RAG grab bags are a perfect way to get a little more grungy urban style into your wardrobe, which can be coordinated to fit the pop or punk style of your dreams. Each of the themed sets includes eight randomly selected fashion items.

We’re not punking you, so pop on over here to see for yourself!

3. What’s your LISTEN FLAVOR?

LISTEN FLAVOR is a firm favorite with Harajuku fashion fans and if you want to get your hands on some of its ace style without the burden of having to choose between its fantastic items, this is grab bag for you! Each of the bags includes five randomly selected items including a big T-shirt, big long cutsew, hoodie, top, and one more top or bottom.

Heard the call? Check it out over here!

4. Book a sweet appointment at Honey Salon~

Honey Salon is well known for their cute yet elegant designs. If you’ve been silently longing to add some of their beautifully designed style to your wardrobe, now is your chance because this fantastic lucky bag includes a bag, pouch, one item of clothing, and three accessories all for a very reasonable price!

Get a taste of Honey Salon style over here!

5. Take a journey into a beautiful pink fantasy with Swankiss!

While the above pictures are a sneak peek of what Swankiss enthusiasts in Japan will get, Tokyo Otaku Mode is offering one put together exclusively for overseas fans! With a retail value of $300 - $500, each bag is guaranteed to include one or two tops, one bottom, one dress, one accessory, and one or two pieces of jewellery or other smaller accessories, so it’s the perfect way to pick up a complete outfit.

Make your Swankiss fantasies come true here~

6. Up your gothic style with Atelier Pierrot!

Atelier Pierrot’s elegant classical designs are always high in demand. This year's lucky bag has two color themes (white & ivory or black) and includes three gorgeous items!

Look out for Atelier Pierrot's fukubukuro here~

7. LIZ LISA teams up with My Melody for an adorable New Year!

LIZ LISA has two lucky bags on offer this year, one of which includes an adorable collaboration with Sanrio’s My Melody! The pink themed set includes a My Melody patterned dress, coat, skirt, sweater, cardigan, camisole and even a My Melody branded suitcase on wheels. The spring themed bag features a number of items perfect for the new season including a coat, patterned dress, knitted dress, and camisole packaged inside a LIZ LISA branded tote bag.

To find out more, visit LIZ LISA's fukubukuro page here!

8. Maid themed spring fashions from Ank Rouge~

With last year's fukubukuro including plenty of items in beautiful pastel as pictured above, Ank Rouge has gone with a classic theme for this year! The sets come in either black or pink selected at random and each contain a dress, top, and skirt, as well as one additional randomly selected item packaged in a beautiful branded tote bag.

Check out Ank Rouge's 2018 offerings here!

9. WEGO crazy for this amazing lucky bag!

WEGO’s awesome 2018 lucky bag includes a series of randomly selected items released this year including tops, bottoms, and accessories packaged inside a shiny WEGO tote bag!

Go on over here to check it out~

10. A trio of treats for the everyday J-fashion fan at earth music & ecology!

earth music & ecology has three different fukubukuro on offer this year, themed around “basic”, “trendy”, and “casual” fashion. The basic set includes a light gray coat, top, bottom and accessory, while the trendy set features an ivory coat, top, bottom and accessory. Lastly, the casual set is a gray mix jacket with a top, dress, bottom, and accessory. The best part is that all three choices are oh-so-easy to work into an everyday ensemble!

Listen for your favorite over here~

Whatever look you're into, you can get your 2018 fashion off to a great start with a thoughtfully put together lucky bag, so make sure to stay on top of your favorite brands' releases!

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