Top 8 Shops For Anime Lucky Bags in Japan!

Top 8 Shops For Anime Lucky Bags in Japan!

Fukubukuro, or lucky bags, from anime stores are one of the best ways to build up your collection whether you’re into figures, plush toys, clothes, or accessories. In addition to being fully loaded with goodies, they often come at a huge discount - the perfect New Years treat for thrifty otaku!

The number of places that come out with annual (and even seasonal!) fukubukuro is incredible too, and while the fukubukuro themselves generally aren't released in online stores, fans are always too happy to share what they've scored! For an idea of what comes inside these amazing bags of joy, take a look at previous years' offerings!

1. Dive into Dragon Ball and more at J-WORLD TOKYO!

A theme park dedicated to Jump works, J-WORLD TOKYO might just be the perfect place to spend the start of the year - surrounded by Dragon Ball, Naruto, and tons of other classic shonen manga! Plus, you can take those New Years memories home with you through a themed fukubukuro...

2. Stock up at Mugiwara Store for the journey to find the One Piece!

Mugiwara Store is the store for One Piece fans and collectors all year round. You wouldn't want to embark on a journey to find the One Piece without supplies, so a fukubukuro from here is sure to make fans’ trip easier!

3. Be part of Sailor Moon history with its first official store fukubukuro~

The world's first permanent Sailor Moon store just opened in Sept. 2017 in Harajuku (where else?!), and it'll be offering an original fukubukuro for its first New Year! The adorable pink tote will contain a satin cushion plus items featuring Harajuku-inspired Sailor Moon patterns, exclusively for fukubukuro buyers ahead of its general release in mid-January~

4. Animate is the place to score anime merch of all sorts!

Of course, when it comes to anime, you can’t pass up Animate. This store is among the most popular in Japan for products covering anime, manga, and video games, so it’s only natural that their bags are packed with a nice variety, too! While this one was snagged at 3000 yen, the contents were worth a whopping 35,000 yen!

5. Keep the anime goodness rolling at Lashinbang~

Lashinbang is a paradise for otaku, selling everything from CDs and DVDs to figures, cosplay, and doujinshi on top of classic goods like charms and clear files, and from stickers to keychains. Naturally, their lucky bags make it a breeze to show off some love for your favorite series whenever and wherever - all for an amazingly low price.

6. Snag a fukubukuro at Animega for a huge bargain on merch from your favorite anime!

It can be risky to bet on a bag full of totally random items, so a fukubukuro for a certain anime is always a great investment. This Touken Ranbu bundle cost a little over 2000 yen, but contained a whole lot of valuable goodies ranging in character and item type. It even came with a mobile powerbank - always a vital tool for keeping up with the Touken Danshi!

7. Adores is the perfect place to catch yourself an anime fukubukuro!

Adores is a chain of amusement arcades, many of which feature tons of crane games filled with anime prizes! This lucky visitor to Adores in Akihabara managed to get their hands on a fukubukuro of stickers, a glass jar and rubber charms, all inside an equally adorable carry bag.

8. Find yourself plenty of anime treasures at Hobby Zone!

Source: @sora_705

With locations all around Japan, HobbyZone is another shop bursting with anime goods. Last year, one of the fukubukuro from this otaku heaven starred the handsome guys from Touken Ranbu! How gorgeous do those mini swords look?

Another year, another huge collection of anime goodies to choose from, and awesome fukubukuro like these are the way to do it! Of course, there’s still the problem of choosing which store to start the New Year off with…

Of course, if you're not in Japan it can be hard to get ahold of these amazing deals. For a fukubukuro experience you can get even overseas, check out Tokyo Otaku Mode's lucky bag selection!

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