10 Glasses to Protect Your Eyes Otaku Style!

10 Glasses to Protect Your Eyes Otaku Style!

Whether it’s gaming, anime, or reading manga, being an otaku involves a lot of staring at your monitor or phone, which can be taxing on your eyes due to the excess amount of blue light. We selected a number of glasses for the occasion you leave your otaku lair that will protect your eyes from the strain while still staying fashionable - otaku style of course!

1. If you can’t imagine a day without your Vocaloid diva, try these elegant Hatsune Miku glasses!

Inspired by Miku’s hit song “Senbonzakura”, these dark acetate frames decorated with golden sakura details will add a sophisticated touch to any outfit with their antique design. They are available in rectangular and circular versions.

Get the Hatsune Miku Senbonzakura Computer Glasses here!

2. Not enough Vocaloid? Get your hands on Miku's gorgeous 10th Anniversary set!

Celebrate Miku's 10th anniversary in style with unique designs for not only our favorite Vocaloid princess, but also her friends Rin and Len, Luka, Meiko, and Kaito! Each of the frames come with a cleaning cloth featuring character illustrations, as well as a special one that shows all six of them.

Make this Miku anniversary one to remember right here!

3. Enjoy your beloved idol anime with glasses designed after your favorite μ's member from Love Live!!

Available in nine versions with one for each member, these glasses come with an elegant navy frame inspired by the Otonokizaka school uniform and a striped design matching the uniform’s ribbon inside the temples. Each model features the respective character’s color dotted on the temples and their autographs inside to bring your favorite idol closer to you.

Find your favorite member here!

4. If you prefer something more futuristic, try these Evangelion sunglasses!

Made in the image of EVA Units, these sunglasses are not only beautiful and accurate representations of the respective EVAs but they are also very practical, with a light and sturdy titanium frame and spring hinges for a comfortable fit.

Get your favorite EVA Unit here!

5. Enter Sword Art Online with these top quality computer glasses!

An exclusive collab between Sword Art Online and Tokyo Otaku Mode, the second round of Weapon-based Computer Glasses features Kirito's Elucidator and Dark Repulser, Asuna’s Lambent Light, and Sinon’s Hecate II. All three are perfect for any SAO fan wanting stylish, practical and high-quality frames that also stay true to the original work!

Get your hands on your own SAO weapon here!

6. Have some of the best Street Fighters - Chun Li, Ryu, and Ken - guard your eyes!

Each model is designed after the character’s uniform: Blue and yellow for Chun Li; red, black, and gray for Ryu; and an intense red and black for Ken. They also feature each characters signature attack on the temples, Spinning Bird Kick, Hadoken, and Shoryuken, respectively.

The Chun Li model, the Ryu model, and the Ken model are all highly discounted at the moment, so be sure to check them out!

7. If you like thinner frames, try these pairs inspired by Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]!

The Saber model comes with a silver under rim based on armor plates, the insignia of her chest piece featured on the hinges, and blue temples after the color of her dress. The Archer model sports a full frame colored in metallic red, which leads to asymmetric temples designed after his swords, Kanshou and Bakuya, connected by golden hinges.

You can find them here~

8. If you’ve always envied the ornate glasses Bayonetta is wearing, you can have those, too!

Featuring a black acetate frame with elaborate titanium temples, this unique pair will make you feel just as powerful and mesmerising as an Umbra Witch. Just like its game counterpart from Bayonetta 2, it has the blue and gold rosemary design with its arms resembling a black and midnight blue ribbon. These would look perfect for a cosplay, too!

You can check out these breathtaking replicas here.

9. Or look as sharp as Uchiha Sarada with her stylish glasses!

Featuring a dark red acetate frame with Sarada’s Sharingan on the tips, this super stylish pair was destined to be made into PC glasses!

Get yours here!

10. Why not “dress up” as everyone’s favorite cardboard robot from Yotsuba& with this pair?

Made in the relaxing beige of a cardboard box, this pair bring you closer to Danboard not only with its color but also the small details such as Danboard’s face on the tips or the coin slot on Danboard’s chest on the front, making it perfect for those who find fun in slight asymmetry. It also comes with a super cute matching cardboard-themed case and a cleaning cloth~

Danboard’s glasses can be found here.

With so many stylish choices, it's difficult to decide on just one! Which pair will you get?

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