New Free! TV Series to Air in Summer 2018!

New Free! TV Series to Air in Summer 2018!

Swimming anime Free! has announced a new TV series, to premiere in summer 2018!

When the anime first aired in 2013, Free! made a huge splash with its unique cast of swimmers and went on to gain countless fans and another season. Currently, its compilation movie Special Edition Free!-Take Your Marks- is in theaters, a great way to refresh fans' memories and relive the Free! experience. The movie also contains a teaser visual for next year's new series, so for those going to see it, be sure to stay in your seats until the very end!

"Episode 0" of the new series will also be screened at special events titled "Kizuna" (bonds) and "Yakusoku" (promise). Tickets for which can be obtained by applying through forms enclosed in the Free! -Timeless Medley- Blu-ray & DVD boxes, to go on sale Nov. 1 (Kizuna) and Dec. 6 (Yakusoku).

There's bound to be tons more intense swimming to enjoy in Free! next summer, so stay tuned for more details!

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