Restaurant to Another World Reveals Anime Trailer!

Restaurant to Another World Reveals Anime Trailer!

Isekai Shokudo ( Restaurant to Another World ), an upcoming anime based on Inuzuka Junpei’s ongoing fantasy novel originally serialized on novel publishing website Shousetsuka ni Narou!, has released a teaser PV!

Isekai Shokudo takes place in a 70-year-old cafeteria called Youshoku no Nekoya. Located on a downtown corner near an office district, Nekoya welcomes residents of different realms regardless of their birth, culture, or species on every Saturday. The series follows these once-in-a-lifetime encounters between the shopkeepers and the variety guests, spiced with an array of mouthwatering dishes.

Besides the shopkeeper and Aletta, the teaser also features Kuro, a shape-shifting dragon waitress who will be voiced by none other than Onishi Saori, known for roles such as Sawamura Spencer Eriri from How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend or Aiz Wallenstein from Sword Oratoria.

Onishi Saori

Kuro was also included in the key visual, adding to Nekoya’s mysterious atmosphere. No wonder the guests refer to it as “Restaurant from Another World”!

The show will premiere on July 3 on TV Tokyo, so be sure to keep an eye out for this saliva-inducing fantasy~

Shopkeeper: Suwabe Junichi
Aletta: Uesaka Sumire
Kuro: Onishi Saori
Sara: Yasuno Kiyono

Original creator: Inuzuka Junpei
Original illustrator: Enami Katsumi
Director & series composition: Jinbo Masato
Animation: Silver Link
OP theme: “One in a Billion” by Wake Up, May’n!
ED theme: “Chiisana Hitotsubu” by Yasuno Kiyono

(C)Inuzuka Junpei, Shufunotomo / Isekai Shokudo Production Committee

Source: AnimeAnime

Restaurant to Another World Reveals Anime Trailer! 1

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