Isekai Shokudo Gets Anime Adaptation

Isekai Shokudo Gets Anime Adaptation

Isekai Shokudo is a light novel series by Inuzuka Junpei in which the “Yoshoku no Nekoya” restaurant breaks from its usual routine every Saturday to welcome customers from “another world”.

The animation production will be handled by Silver Link ( Strike the Blood, Baka and Test) with Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya’s Masato Jinbo taking on both direction and series composition. Sano Takao and Sano Keiichi will provide character design.

A teaser visual for the show has also been revealed via the official website featuring a beautiful if mysterious forest with the entrance to the “Nekoya” restaurant at the bottom of a tree.

The Isekai Shokudo TV anime airs on Japanese TV from summer 2017.

(C) Inuzuke Junpei, Shufunotomo / Isekai Shokudo Production Committee

Source: AnimeAnime

Isekai Shokudo Gets Anime Adaptation 1

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