Sanrio Character Contest Day 1 Results Revealed!

Sanrio Character Contest Day 1 Results Revealed!

The Sanrio Character Character Contest is now underway! This contest gives fans a chance to vote for their favorite Sanrio characters out of a list of 100, and actual voting started on May 10. This will last until June 11 and the final results will be revealed on July 2! If you’re like us, though, you’re probably dying to see who’s doing well so far! Fear not, because Sanrio is giving us some relief in the form of a top ten list from the first day~ There are already more than 160,000 votes - check out who they've been going to!

1st Day Results
Total Votes: 160,236

10: Yoshikitty (4,857 votes, final position last year: 7th)
9: Kuromi (4,857 votes, last year: 10th)
8: Hello Kitty (5,702 votes, last year: 5th)
7: Kirimi-chan (5,719 votes, last year: 9th)
6: Little Twin Sisters (8,267 votes, last year: 6th)
5: SHOW BY ROCK!! (8,406 votes, different division last year)
4: Gudetama (8,659 votes, last year: 4th)

Gudetama is doing pretty well in fourth place... but which characters have made it to the top three..?! Let’s find out!

3: My Melody (10,987 votes, last year: 3rd)

Taking third is My Melody with nearly 11,000 votes! That’s a solid lead over Gudetama, but a brutal 8,000 behind second place.

2: Pompompurin (19,253 votes, last year: 1st)

Following in second place is Pompompurin. This adorably squishy pudding makes for tough competition as the grand champion from the past two years, but Pompompurin only has 19,000 votes so far, 7,000 short of first place. Who’s reigning so far…?

1: Cinnamoroll (26,441 votes, last year: 2nd)

Standing confidently in first place with more than 26,000 votes is Cinnamoroll! This year mark’s Cinnamoroll’s 15th anniversary, and last year the cute character took 2nd place. Between that and this solid jump ahead on the first day, there are high hopes for this year!

To commemorate the contest, SNOW is releasing free stamps of 6 characters within the app, and there’s also a smartphone browser game called Sanrio Futtenpon! featuring the competing characters. It’s going to be a fun (and cute) month for Sanrio fans!

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