Which Team of Villains Would You Join?!

Which Team of Villains Would You Join?!

Without bad guys, there can be no heroes, and every great story needs a great antagonist. It’s time to rank the top evil organizations that fans want to join --- and here are the top 10!

10: Hive of Darkness ( Sakura Taisen )
9: Galactic Empire ( Star Wars )
8: Arrancar ( Bleach )
7: Doronbo Gang ( Yatterman )
6: Shishio’s Group ( Rurouni Kenshin )
5: Principality of Zeon ( Mobile Suit Gundam )
4: Akatsuki ( Naruto )

#3: Black Organization (Detective Conan)

The Black Organization… a group that’s as mysterious as its true motives. Without them turning Shinichi into Conan there never would’ve been a series! With how adored and long-running Detective Conan is, it’s no surprise that they’ve earned their spot on the top 3.

They’re well-organized with a clearly defined hierarchy, all you need is a good alcohol-related codename! (Good luck outsmarting Conan, though!)

#2: Team Rocket (Pokemon)

Sure, Team Rocket isn’t exactly the most successful bad guy organization out there, but they’ve got some pretty incredible determination, and it’s hard to not have a soft spot for Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu (Jessie, James, and Meowth)! Plus, you probably still remember their theme, right? Boom! Good to go!

#1: Kiheitai (Gintama)

The Kiheitai are pretty freaking evil, but they’re also run by Takasugi Shinsuke, giving them a definite cool factor, so it’s no wonder that this Gintama organization took 1st place. The Kiheitai are determined to not only bring down the Japanese government, but also destroy the world, and those are some pretty incredible goals to be a part of!

There's no doubt that some of these amazing groups played a major role in making fans fall in love with the series. Let's hope they start looking for some recruits soon!

Source: AnimeAnime

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