Mount Fuji Appears in Roppongi!

Mount Fuji Appears in Roppongi!

Mount Fuji will appear in the heart of the city as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations for Tokyo Midtown. The Edo-Fuji event will see a 6x23m installation accompanied by projection mapping displays constructed on the complex’s lawn space from March 17 to April 16.

“Plant hunter” Nishihata Seijun will be handling the production of the Edo-Fuji installation which is titled “aeru” and aims to celebrate Japan’s natural beauty and culture both ancient and modern.

The installation will make use of projection mapping and lighting technology to enhance its already large 6x23m scale and display a different side of Mount Fuji.

Scene 1: The Birth of Mount Fuji

The sun gradually emerges from a sea of clouds. When the sky clears, Mount Fuji is lit from behind and visible in all its glory.

Scene 2: The Four Seasons of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji in each of the four seasons - from cherry blossoms in spring to red leaves dancing in the autumn the beautiful scenery of the year unfolds.

Scene 3: The Foot of Mount Fuji in Midtown

The foot of Mount Fuji appears at Tokyo Midtown. City lights meet the foot of the mountain.

Scene 4: Travel the four seasons with the beauty of Japan

The climax occurs as the beauty of Japan is reflected in Mount Fuji’s appearance as it changes with the seasons.

Place: Tokyo Midtown Garden lawn
Duration: March 17 - May 28, 11am to 9pm

NAKED’s Projection Mapping:
Duration: March 17 - April 16, 6pm to 9pm

Projection begins each hour at ten minute intervals.
Each cycle lasts four minutes

Entry: Free
Sponsor: Tokyo Midtown
Director: NAKED Inc.

Source: PR TIMES

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