Attack on Titan Invades the Stage with Over 150 Cast Members!

Attack on Titan Invades the Stage with Over 150 Cast Members!

Shingeki no Kyojin ( Attack on Titan ) is headed for the stage! Details for the production have now come to light and it seems safe to say that it will be a “colossal” undertaking with a record 55 performances set to take place at Maihama Amphitheater, which was first designed for famous dance company Cirque Du Soleil.

For this very special stage show, the lead role of Eren Jaeger will be played by Miura Hiroki, Mikasa Ackerman by Tsukui Minami, and Armin Arlert by Sakamoto Shogo.

Miura Hiroki is a promising young actor who played the role of Atobe Keigo in The Prince of Tennis Musical at just 17 years of age. In keeping with her character, Tsukui Minami is an action star with a long history in both acrobatics and dance so she’s perfectly suited for the role of this action heroine. Finally, singer-songwriter Sakamoto Shogo is making a long-awaited return to the stage to play Armin in this much-anticipated production.

In addition to these up-and-coming stars, the Attack on Titan stage show is set to feature over 150 cast members and a world famous creative team all aiming to create a truly memorable stage spectacle.

The editor of the original manga, Kawakubo Shintaro, is also onboard as a producer alongside Nelke Planning’s Matsuda Makoto. Attack on Titan has invaded the anime world, become a live-action film, and captured the imagination of fans all over the world to become an unstoppable phenomenon, and now, the curtain is about to rise on a new frontier with this landmark stage show.

Comment from producer Kawakubo Shintaro:
“So many people have been asking me, just what is it that makes Attack on Titan so popular? Each time I answer them in my own way, but still I feel as if I haven’t quite explained it. We’ve been publishing Attack on Titan for seven years now, and I finally think I’ve got an idea of what it is that makes Isayama Hajime’s story so interesting. I want to show you all what I’ve discovered in this live performance show. Please come and find out for yourselves!”

Comment from director Kodama Akiko:
“To fully capture the Attack on Titan universe we needed to up the scale of the performance, both in terms of the space and in casting over 150 actors. Together with the world-famous creative team and fusing people power and technology, we want to create a true stage spectacle. We can’t wait for you to see it!”

Source: Spice

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