Let These Adorably Furry Behinds Take Your Worries Away

Let These Adorably Furry Behinds Take Your Worries Away

Have you ever spent an entire afternoon staring adoringly at the butts of oh-so-fluffy animals of any kind? Yes or no, you're about to have a glorious experience! Thanks to the many loving owners who document their pets’ behinds online for us to admire, anyone can lose themselves in the cuteness of these soft tushes!

First up, our Hamster Butt Gallery!

Can you believe how tiny that dot of a tail is? So soft... so fluffy...

This little guy called Mojimoji is clearly a curious one - which is lucky for us, since it gives us a great view! Plus, when was the last time you saw a hamster butt sprouting out of an Evangelion?

Tiny hamster… tiny bread… Cannot compute this cuteness.

These photos are a very happy ending for this section, because what’s better than one hamster butt? Two hamster butts, of course!

Now we’re moving up a little in the size department, onto some seriously adorable bunnies!

This white rabbit has attempted a quick camouflage among some stuffed friends.

Next up, a collaboration between two equally adorable friends!

A glorious high quality shot of that little tuft you just want to stroke over and over again.

A special mention to this bunny, whose hobby seems to be masquerading as a square cushion!

Feeling relaxed from all the cuteness? Don’t get too comfortable just yet, because next up are some lovely dog tushes for you to aww over!

First off, everyone needs to see this obedient doge’s flat butt.

It must be tough having curly fur, but this well groomed poodle pulls this butt shot off with style.

It’s not every day that you run into a pork floss bun with ears.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BO0j3k2DFZD/" style=" color:#000; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none; word-wrap:break-word;" target="_blank">Pork floss bun for breakfast? 🍞 Psst: Have you guys joined our giveaway yet? It's open to both local and international 🌎 friends! Those who haven't, be quick! 🙆🏻

The Stumpy Legsさん(@thestumpylegs)が投稿した写真 -

And our dog butts showcase comes to an end with this magnificent loaf of bread - er, corgi! Wow, what is it with corgis and looking like delicious baked goods?

“Now hang on,” you say in confusion. “Japan loves cats, so where are all the cat butts?”

Never fear, because camerawoman Yoshizawa Rumiko has taken on the challenge of bringing us the butts and surprisingly symmetrical balls of these glorious creatures. Aptly named Nyantama, this photo book captures an all-too-familiar sight for cat owners in a humorous and newly beautiful light.

If you're craving some more adorable butt scenery, just click here for your own copy of this quirky masterpiece of a book!

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Let These Adorably Furry Behinds Take Your Worries Away 1
Let These Adorably Furry Behinds Take Your Worries Away 2

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