Attack on Titan to Be Adapted into a Stage Play!

Roars. Blasts. Steam. Blood spray.
A new way to experience the series at an unprecedented scale. The Titans, the Survey Corp, the battle... The whole nightmare comes to life before your eyes. Those who weren’t consumed enough with the adaptations to date, it’s time to assemble! The blockbuster series Attack on Titan is finally getting a stage play adaptation next summer!

With over 60 million volumes sold in total, Attack on Titan is loved by fans regardless of age and gender, and now their favorite series is conquering yet another medium! “How will it express the world of the series such as the scenes with Titans or the 3D Maneuvering Gear of the Survey Corps? Well, we are planning an experience that fully uses the five senses, so look forward to it!,” commented Kawakubo from Weekly Shonen Jump’s editorial department. Details including the precise date and location will be announced in early 2017.

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Title: Live Impact Attack on Titan
Date: July 2017
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Source: PR TIMES

Attack on Titan to Be Adapted into a Stage Play! 1

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