Kizumonogatari III Releases New Visuals

Kizumonogatari III Releases New Visuals

Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen, the final entry in the Kizumonogatari series, opens nationwide on 1/6/2017. A new visual by character designer Morioka Hideyuki has been released.

The heroine of this film, Hanekawa Tsubasa, appears in the visual in the rain holding a bright red umbrella while elegantly towards the ground.

The first film, Tekketsu-hen, shows the shocking meeting of protagonist Koyomi Araragi and vampire Kiss-shot, and the second, Nekketsu-hen, shows shows Koyomi has he enters into a difficult battle to save her. Set after those two films, this new film will share Tsubasa’s feelings in addition to Koyomi and Kiss-shot.

A special clear file featuring this visual will be offered as a bonus for the second round of advanced sale tickets nationwide, which will start for theaters supporting Movie Ticket on Nov. 26.

Advanced sale ticket bundles that include a bonus will go on sale through Amazon, Lawson, Seven-11, Animate, and Gamers that same day.

Amazon’s bundle ticket comes as a set with a B2-sized cloth poster for 3,120 yen (tax included). Lawson’s comes with a pin button for 2,380 yen (tax included).

7-Eleven is offering two types. One comes with a mug featuring the specially drawn illustration, and the other has a clear key chain. They’re 2,800 yen (tax included) and 2,500 yen (tax included) respectively.

Animate and Gamers’ bundle tickets come with an acrylic stand for 2,380 yen (tax included).

These will be available through Animate and Gamers nationwide, as well as through the Animate online shop and Movic. Details will be released later through the shops and mail-order sites.

Source: animeanime

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