Get Inspired By These Gorgeous Pokéball Terrariums

Get Inspired By These Gorgeous Pokéball Terrariums

Pokéballs are perhaps one of the most mysterious things in the Pokémon universe! We all know that they somehow comfortably shrink and hold a Pokémon, but what’s inside them? You can find all sorts of fun ideas, but Lauren (known online as The Vintage Realm) has come up with an exceptionally creative one for just what’s inside of a Pokéball.

That’s right, Pokéball Terrariums! The soil is lined up with the middle of the Pokéball to create a really beautiful effect that would look great on display.

This talented creator has been creating whole self-sustaining worlds for Pokémon inside these beautifully designed terrariums.

Each of these Pokéball Terrariums features an environment specific to the nature of that Pokémon, such as a beautifully icy one for Dratini and a cute, grassy one for Eevee.

These went on sale on Etsy and will occasionally pop back up, but as you might expect, they sell out almost immediately! She’s currently working on Halloween-themed terrariums, one of which you can see below!

If you want to try to get your hands on the next set of terrariums, then be sure to follow her Etsy, Twitter, and DeviantArt! In the meantime, you can see a few of her other creations below.







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