Pokémon Generations: The Pokémon Anime We've Been Waiting For

Pokémon Generations: The Pokémon Anime We've Been Waiting For

The Pokémon universe is an expansive one, but Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) and Pikachu have dominated its anime adaptations without equal since the original anime aired in 1997. Red and the cast of the Pokémon video games are about to shine in their own anime adaptation: Pokémon Generations!

This new anime is based on each generation of the video games from Kanto to Kalos, and will bring new life to all of the biggest moments of those games! Each generation will have 18 episodes, each of which will be between 3 and 5 minutes long. Episodes will be uploaded weekly on the Official Pokémon Channel through Dec. 23, 2016. Get an idea about what’s in store in the trailer below!

If this makes you wish you could watch it, fear not, because the first episode is already up and dubbed in English! It features Red getting his Charmander and setting out on his journey to become a Pokémon master. (Brock makes an appearance, too!) There are a ton of great little touches, too, like them verbalizing those classic in-game lines like “it’s not very effective” and Brock giving Red a TM34 (Bide), so long-time fans are sure to love it.

It’ll be incredible watching the legendaries make an appearance, as well as the most unforgettable gym leaders!

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