Gatebox Makes Your Personal Hologram Waifu a Reality!

Gatebox Makes Your Personal Hologram Waifu a Reality!

Ever felt alone and just needed a waifu (or husbando) to cheer you up? Well, the award-winning Japanese start-up Vinclu is here for you with their Hologram Communication Robot Gatebox. Despite its name, the first model of Gatebox is an extremely cute hologram girl ready to cheer you on in your everyday life!

The first concept movie for Gatebox was released in January 2016, and you can check out how Gatebox helps one in his or her daily life.

The latest trailer shows how Gatebox can just be a healing presence to keep the owner company on a late night of work, and communication can be nonverbal. The full PV can be found here:

Although Gatebox has already had its first release in Fall 2016, the Vinclu team is always striving to further enhance the character's realism and communication skills of the prototype.

Now, you can also see how Gatebox has progressed in this special experience report! Vinclu recently held a Gatebox Masters Meeting, where those who ordered it were able to interact with her for the first time.

With so much positive feedback from Gatebox's first owners, it'll be exciting to see what kind of developments will come next. Sign up at the Gatebox official website for latest updates on the product!

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