Top 10 Neko Atsume Cat Ranking: Regular and Rare

Top 10 Neko Atsume Cat Ranking: Regular and Rare

Are you one of those who just can't stop checking your Neko Atsume app? Well, join the club because there are thousands and thousands out there just like you! Here at Tokyo Otaku Mode's office in Shibuya, Tokyo, we have many closet Neko Atsume addicts among us too, and we spend twenty percent of our time (ok, that's slightly exaggerated) arguing over which of our cats (all of which we name after our 2D waifu and husbando) is the cutest.

When it comes to unresolved debate like this, we have no choice but to resort to consulting public opinion. And we got lucky because Goo Ranking has already done the work for us! Japanese netizens were polled on which of the Neko Atsume Regular and Rare Cats are their favorites and - drumroll - the results are as follows!

Regular Cat Ranking
10. Gabriel / Hachiware-san

9. Pumpkin / Shirochatora-san

8. Bolt / Kijitora-san

7. Pepper / Odd-san

6. Callie / Mike-san

5. Snowball / Shironeko-san

4. Fred / Chatora-san

2. (tied) Socks / Kutsushita-san

2. (tied) Smokey / Kuroneko-san

1. Peaches / Cream-san

Rare Cats Ranking
10. Bob the Cat / Yamaneko-san

9. Sassy Fran / Cafe-san

8. Lady Meow-Meow / Amesho-san

7. Senor Don Gato / Nagagutsu-san

6. Mr Meowgi / Osamurai-san

5. Saint Purrtrick / Nekomata-san

4. Conductor Whisker / Ekichou-san

3. Kathmandu / Maromayu-san

2. Chairman Meow / Nabeneko-san

1. Tubbs / Manzoku-san

Tubbs' undying popularity has turned him into a worldwide superstar! Did your favorite Neko Atsume cat make the list?

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*Survey results used with permission from goo Ranking*
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