The Ultimate Anime and Game Industry April Fool's Round-Up

On April 1st, 2016, as the clock struck twelve, the anime and game industry in Japan began one of its hottest battle of the year - the showdown for the best April Fool's prank. From odd collaborations to peculiar new products, the outlandish announcements that came one after another gave everyone a good laugh. Some companies released visuals or special sites, while others made an entire game out of the prank. We've scraped the internet high and low for the most awesome jokes of 2016!

New Releases
Some of the announcements actually seem pretty don't be fooled! Here are some of the funny "new releases" announced on April Fool's 2016!

Haikyuu!! unveiled the poster for a new movie in which the rival is Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom!

Yet another "new" Digimon movie...(the latest Digimon tri. movie actually opened on March 12th)

Kuroko no Basket released a chick-y version of the PV on their homepage!

Completely matched down to the last frame - now that's dedication!

Gamemaker Rejet announces a new game that has characters from all their previous games...

Kamigami no Asobi is now a cooking game...

The SHOW BY ROCK!! girls are quitting band to become magical girls!

Tayutama2 pulled a mean one and fooled fans who thought the popular game would really be turned into an anime - their poster was too real!

Girls' idol game Aikatsu comes back with a male idol group!

Gakuen Handsome releases "nipple trading can badges" that cost over US$300 and are completely sold out.

Meanwhile, our friends at Good Smile Company and Crypton reveals the new "Nendrone Miku" which flies (we wouldn't mind having this in reality though!)

Crossovers and Transformations

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, which just finished its run, swapped protagonist with upcoming anime Sakamoto Desuga? / Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto - and they fit perfectly!

Creator sharing community site pixiv had a new "Like" button that went out of its way to cheer you on...

Meanwhile, toymaker Takara TOMY Arts has a new executive board of babies to "stay young".

We also learned that the main characters of the anime Sekkou Boys actually exist...

Starmyu goes from High School Star Musical to Office Workers Star Musical!

Gamemaker Nitro+Chiral shows us how their games would look like a few hundred years ago...

The Matsu
What April's Fool is completely this year without some Osomatsu-san parody?

The official Osomatsu-san site turned back time and reversed back to the original Osomatsu-kun upon which the new anime was based on.

Osokyuu-san was announced on the official Tokyuu Train Line Twitter account, stating that the sextuplets are now the Tokyuu personality. With the number of Osomatsu-san collaborations happening everywhere, we can't tell if this is fake anymore...

TYPE-MOON also pulled an Osomatsu and turned Saber and friends from the Fate series into the familiar art style...

Best Effort
While most companies stop at a new poster or a special website, some of these pranksters took it very seriously and made their April Fool's joke into a game!

Shounen Jump started recruiting for Kaiba Corporation, a company from the legendary manga series Yu-Gi-Oh.

If you go to the recruitment site (in Japanese) and complete the application you'll get a character badge!

Highly popular mobile game Ensemble Stars turned into "Ensemble Stardust" and featured the teachers in the game as the main characters - complete with an actual special event in which the teachers are playable characters!

In BLEACH Brave Souls, the characters all turned into Kon!

There is even a special story focused on Kon for players to clear!

We hope you had fun this April Fool's Day because we sure did!

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