[AMV Punch!] - Psychological Shock

[AMV Punch!] - Psychological Shock

When main characters are thrown into a psychological shock, we become immersed within their flaws and can’t help but be interested by their mental state and inner turmoil. These AMVs dive into the darkest depths of the mind to unearth past traumas and terrible secrets from various characters and explore a slightly more disturbing side of anime.

Quiet – OkamiRvS

Loneliness; abandonment; mental Instability; destruction. OkamiRvS pulls out the best scenes of Evangelion that depict the psychological breakdowns of its mentally disturbed characters in a symbolistic form. Quiet excellently portrays Shinji and Asuka being trapped in their own mental prisons where they have succumbed to their deepest psychological traumas that haunt their past and corrupt their minds. The still imagery used in the AMV accompanied by Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence shows us just how grim Evangelion can be.

Nefarium Psychologica – Shin

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica established itself as one of the most surprising shows of its genre; revealing an incredibly sinister plot filled with the dark truths of becoming a magical girl. Shin creates a twisted AMV that dives into the madness of Madoka and shows just how cruel its world is.

Salvation of Kiritsugu – TsukiBito牛牛

TsukiBito牛牛 delivers a magnificent and powerful AMV that focuses on the unrelenting unfairness and hard truths of Fate/Zero. Salvation of Kiritsugu shows how troubled and dark the Holy Grail War is for Kiritsugu who is thrown into a near eternal madness and never ending nightmare. Mixing sound effects and quotes from the show with a great song choice makes this an AMV to remember.

Condemned Memoir – Kisanzi

Through contrasting rooms and memories of Lucy’s two personalities, we bear witness of her past and present self. Kisanzi brings back Elfen Lied in mesmerizing fashion with an AMV that showcases Lucy’s trauma as she transforms from an innocent little girl into a monster filled with hate. The colour choice and pacing of the imagery do wonders to make this a truly psychological AMV.

Confused Memories – Костоправ

Confused Memories does well to give us a glimpse of madness from one of the most psychologically thrilling shows in anime; Higurashi no Nako Koro ni. Костоправ does a great job of exposing the the extreme violence and breakdown of the characters’ emotional states. The use of black and white filters at certain points adds to the confusion between what could be real and what could be memory.

Phobia – AntLion

Taking the stance of 1984’s “Big Brother” dystopia, AntLion treats us to a hikikomori’s phobia of the outside world and his demise into insanity and dementia. Phobia takes Satou from Welcome to the NHK and depicts him in an even greater psychotic state that portrays the shut-in lifestyle and its effects on Satou’s mind, as if society itself is out to get him.

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