[AMV Punch!] - Gangs, Guns, and Glory

[AMV Punch!] - Gangs, Guns, and Glory

From the mean streets of Black Lagoon’s Roanapur to the schoolyard rumble of Okami-san; we’ve collected an assortment of AMVs revolving around established groups and gangs causing disorder and fighting for control with non-stop action.

Sometimes a great AMV doesn’t require an assortment of crazy effects or fancy transitions, and in XIII’s case with RUCKUS!, all it takes is the pairing of an audio track that complements the essence of the chosen show. An excellent song choice of the band The Fratellis captivates the 1930’s Chicago mafia and the supernatural portions of the anime Baccano.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Izaya from Durarara!! perform in a music video then look no further! Completed in a mere three days, GoЯz gives us an upbeat music video with Izaya at the helm taking us through downtown Ikebukuro while making all sorts of trouble. Izaya’s maniacal laughter at the beginning of the video paired with the audio track fits well with the craziness and bizarre occurrences that happen in the anime.

Random Road Trip – Hige-san and co.
Picking a music track like C2C’s “Down the Road” for an AMV requires plenty of anime cuts to be remixed and edited in order to flow well with the audio. Editors Hige-san, Creed, Irriadin, Madao and Hireegy joined forces to give us a collection of Gurren Lagann, Black Dynamite, Cowboy Bebop, etc. to excite our audio/visual senses. The anime clips are perfectly matched to the outrageous music and results in a crazy, entertaining experience.

*Yeah!* – Valenki International
Members of Valenki International churn out an action-packed, high-school delinquent-fighting AMV starring the rag-tag cast of Okami-san & Her Seven Companions. Yeah! is a fun video that showcases the main heroine punching people with her kitten boxing gloves to the rhythm of the music.

Outbreak – Okill
Want an anime with badass characters, crime syndicates, action, guns, and more guns?! Outbreak by Okill does an excellent job of presenting the awesomeness of the anime Black Lagoon. Special effects need not apply for this AMV, as the clip selection and balance between action scenes and character sequences perfectly represent the in-your-face attitude of Black Lagoon.

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