[AMV Punch!] – Ultimate Remix

[AMV Punch!] – Ultimate Remix

The creativity and dedication of these artists will captivate your imagination and leave you staring in awe at these impressive AMVs paired with some of the best remixed music tracks.

Imagine – BBSNYPUR
The fast-paced scene changes and bright colors pack a ton of energy, locking our attention into this brief world of joy. BBSNYPUR delivers a visually captivating experience using every single fleeting moment, showcasing incredible attention to detail. Imagine gives off an inspiring atmosphere that tells us to chase our dreams and reach for the spotlight.

Tranceition - Benreparn
An enormous amount of detail goes into making AMVs. Tranceition by Benreparn has some of the best beat-matching clips and thought provoking scenes found in an AMV. The character expressions, choice of color, scenic clips, and special effects blend seamlessly with the Trance/Pop audio track, reflecting an incredible pool of artistic talent. You might find yourself hitting that replay button over and over again.

Quantum Ripples - Nostromo
One of the masters of AMV editing techniques, Nostromo delivers an excellent mix of anime clips depicting free falling, panoramic scenery and eye-zooming inception. Scouting numerous anime, Nostromo had to find clips that had the right trajectory, speed, length, animation, and facial expression to match his vision for this AMV.

Shades of - Leberate
Leberate has taken a remix of Ellie Golding’s Starry Eye and impressively synced it up with a wide variety of anime clips that you never imagined would fit so well.

A Piece of Toast – Baka Oppai
Many words can be used to describe this particular AMV: crazy, unexpected, hilarious, and addicting. Baka Oppai delivers an impressive mashup of 40 different anime, flawlessly matched up to Pizza Rolls by Shawn Wasabi. Created in 2014, A Piece of Toast won an award in almost every single AMV competition that year.

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