Make a Cute and Simple Origami Chopstick Rest with Nothing But the Wrapper They Come In 【Video】

So you’ve mastered the use of chopsticks and can proudly turn down the offer of a fork when you go to your favorite Asian restaurant. Many upscale eateries will probably supply you with a hashioki or chopstick rest to set the eating-end of your utensils on when not in use. At more casual restaurants, though, you have no choice but to lay them across your plate or setting them on a napkin so as not to touch the table’s surface.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty and would like to try your hand at some origami, you can use the paper wrapper your chopsticks came in to create a cute and useful peacock chopstick rest!

Even if you’re not a very crafty or dexterous person, if you know how to make a paper airplane, you’ve pretty much got the beginnings of this peacock origami down! And don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese – the visuals in this video are easy enough to follow along with.

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Source and screenshots: YouTube/編集部アールニジュウゴ

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