Samurai Smartphone Parade Demonstrates Dangers of Walking While Browsing

“Aruki Sumaho” is the Japanese colloquial term which describes browsing your smartphone while walking. Who knows what sort of disasters await you if you have your head buried in your smartphone all the time? The action of walking while browsing has become so widespread that the predominant mobile operator in Japan, NTT Docomo, made a video warning of the dangers.

Smartphone users can take heed in the alarming statistics presented in the video, acted out by a parade of samurai who march out in line each with a smartphone in hand. In the Edo Period, the Samurai Smartphone Parade march out ushering a feudal lord inside a carry-car who is also incidentally head deep into his smartphone browsing.

What happens next to each samurai demonstrates the statistics painted in traditional Japanese calligraphy on the screen. One particularly alarming statistic even states that as many as 3% of people have actually fallen off into the train platform while walking with their smartphone! Will these brave samurai safely complete their journey and avoid the disastrous outcome that awaits those who browse while walking?

Official Docomo Channel

Samurai Smartphone Parade
Samurai Smartphone Parade

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