Let’s Make Animeshi! Vol. 2: The Umaru-chan Inarizushi Challenge!

Let’s Make Animeshi! Vol. 2: The Umaru-chan Inarizushi Challenge!

“Let’s Make Animeshi” is a series that recreates through food a variety of anime-related things, like characters, scenery, and even food that shows up in anime. In volume 2, let’s try making the main heroine of Himouto! Umaru-chan, Umaru Doma aka Umaru-chan.

Himouto! Umaru-chan is based on a manga currently serialized in Weekly Young Jump. This summer the series gained massive popularity as a TV anime. Umaru is a stunning beauty with brains and a good personality to top it off who overflows with elegance. Though a beautiful younger sister anyone would be envious of, Umaru has a secret. That being that whenever she returns home she turns into a himouto. With a deformed appearance and wearing her favorite hamster hoodie together with a plain white shirt and red shorts, Umaru takes on an inexhaustibly selfish attitude.

However, with her vivacious expressions and naivety, and seeing her love for her older brother,
for some reason we just can’t help but love her. Umaru-chan has a strange charm that captivates those who see her, and seeing her hamster hoodie surely brings something to mind, right? Yup - inarizushi. “Let’s take up the challenge. We’ve got to make it!” With that resolve, let’s try making inarizushi.

・1-2 fried bean curds (have extras on hand just in case any tear)
・2 Tbs brown sugar
・2 Tbs soy sauce
・1 Tbs mirin
・1-2 Tbs Hondashi
・200cc water
・Sushi rice (half a rice bowl’s worth)
・1 sheet of nori seaweed
・1 slice of ham
・Half a fried bean curd

1.) Cut the fried bean curd in half, roll it using a bottle or something similar and place them in boiling water without any oil.

*By rolling out the fried bean curd you can easily unstick them from each other.

2.) Bring the brown sugar, soy sauce, mirin, Hondashi, and water to a boil and cook one of the fried bean curds.

*We cooked it fully to give it a hamster color.

When it gets to be this color, the fried bean curd is done.

3.) Using plastic wrap, form the sushi rice into an onigiri ball. This will be Umaru-chan’s face, so press it tightly. Cut the fried bean curd as shown in the photo.

4.) Open up the fried bean curd from step 3 and wrap up the onigiri as shown in the picture.

5.) After that, use the nori, ham, and flavorless fried bean curd to make Umaru-chan’s face and hair. And with that, you’re done!

*The face on the hood is made with rice and nori.

6.) Have fun with the face by trying to make a variety of expressions.

The nori shapes are really small, so when we tried making it it was a harder challenge than we first thought. When making the face, it would be super convenient to have on hand scissors, a straw, a toothpick, and tweezers. If you’re someone who excels at such delicate work you should definitely try challenging yourself with a variety of other faces too.

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Shizuku Tsukino
Anime writer, food writer, and food researcher. Shizuku writes industry reports, cooks food, and more for Da Vinci News and Anime!Anime!

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