Project Kicks Off for TV Anime Adaptation of PC Game “Rewrite”

Project Kicks Off for TV Anime Adaptation of PC Game “Rewrite”

The masterpiece PC game Rewrite by Key/Visual Art’s, who have brought to the world many hit games, is getting an anime adaptation. The project was announced to be underway as of Sept. 27. Broadcast times and channels have yet to be revealed, but the first news to come out is the anime’s main staff. The strong lineup includes staff from the original game. Just like the original game too, the staff is causing plenty of heightened anticipation for the anime.

The director and series composer of the anime is Motoki Tanaka aka Tensho who also directed Kin-iro Mosaic and The Fruit of Grisaia, and also worked on the opening movie to the original game Rewrite. Tanaka has recently received high praise for the game-turned-anime The Fruit of Grisaia.

Romeo Tanaka, the original game’s scenario writer, is collaborating on the anime’s composition and script. Tanaka is also well known among anime fans for Humanity Has Declined. Kai from Visual Art’s is also credited as a scenario writer. Itaru Hinoue is credited as original character designer, and these designs will be adapted to anime by Masayuki Nonaka, chief animation director on Hello! Kin-iro Mosaic. With 8-Bit producing the animation too, it’s a formation fans can look forward to.

The original game Rewrite was released in 2011 and became a record-breaking hit. The game takes place in the lush city of Kazamatsuri and tells the story of main character Tennoji Kotaro who gets wrapped up with the Occult Research Club and finding out the truth behind the city’s mysteries.

Tennoji’s fun days are spent with Kotori Kanbe, Haruhiko Yoshino, and the other girls of the club. But then he starts a part-time job collecting material for news articles, and begins amassing occultic information and information on strange occurrences and unknown animals. At the same time, inexplicable incidents begin happening to Tennoji. Tennoji then seeks the aid of Occult Research Club President Akane Senri… But he becomes connected to pursuing a truth that no one knows.

Anime Rewrite
[Main Staff]
Original Work: Key/Visual Art’s
Director/Series Composer: Tensho
Composition/Writing Collaborators: Romeo Tanaka, Kai (Visual Art’s)
Original Character Designer: Itaru Hinoue (Key/Visual Art’s)
Character Designer: Masayuki Nonaka
Animation Production: 8-Bit

Anime Rewrite Official Site

Source: animeanime


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