She’s a Cat and He’s a Dog. Japan is Like a Zoo with Character Types of Animals!

She’s a Cat and He’s a Dog. Japan is Like a Zoo with Character Types of Animals!

In Japan, we tend to use metaphors like “you’re like a dog/cat” to describe people. This comes from the image that dogs are friendly and show their love towards their owner very openly. On the other hand, cats take a bit more time to get close, and they show cool attitudes toward you even though they like you, also called as “Tsun-dere” in Japan.

These “animal types” have grown in variety after this picture buzzed on Twitter.

Various Animal Type Girls…

Dog type

-suddenly feels a tremendous amount of love and hugs them
-says everything they think
-smells their boyfriend until they get tired of it
-puts their head to the side a little bit no matter what

Cat Type

-defenseless when sleeping
-unintentionally feels jealousy
-doesn’t know how to fawn on others
-sticks to someone to show they are hungry

Rabbit type

-can’t stand being alone
-loves being patted on the head
-very sensitive to loud sounds
-becomes really happy when someone cared about them
-always in the mating season

Mole type

-Hikikomori( always at home)
-not very good at communicating with others
-doesn’t really understand why she was able to have a boyfriend
-doesn’t like crowded places
-very shy

Bird type

-sensitive to cold
-dosen’t eat much
-forgets anything in a few seconds
-follows you around everywhere

Penguin type

-calm when deciding things
-looks back over her actions
-likes chilling
-unexpectedly daring

Sheep type

-sleeps a lot
-gets scared very easily
-often spaces out
-fawns on her boyfriend a lot

Gorilla type

-keeps calm no matter what happens
-tends to be in tandems
-breaks your arm when you try to pat her head
-throws poo

Various Types of Boys

Dog type

-perfers to play outside than inside
-likes to be with people
-likes doing sports than studying
-tells how he feels about you often

Cat type

-easygoing, freewheeling
-becomes jealous easily
-not interested in most things (but loves his girlfriend)

Cat like Dog type

-looks like a cat type, but actually is a dog type
-doesn’t show many expressions
-praises people a lot
-good at observing people

Wolf type / Rabbit type

[Wolf type]
-dosen’t wait for others
-compassionate once you become friends

[Rabbit type]
-he says he would die of loneliness
-he knows he’s cute
-can control tears
-street wise

Small animal type / Reptile type

[Small animal type]
-baby face, usually seen younger than actual age
-has a bit of a complex with his height
-liked by guys too
-likes snacks
-suddenly does Ikemen actions

[Reptile type]
-ethnic or unique fashion
-often asked for directions
-really tall and thin
-most people ask him if he’s in a band
-suddenly goes somewhere

Gorilla type

-doesn’t like fighting
-easily moved to tears
-looks scary but actually is really nice

Not Just Animals…?

Carnivorous Men

-if they like someone, they often approach them no matter what
-used to girls
-doesn’t mind playing with girls even if he has a girlfriend

Herbivorous Men

-doesn’t really do much even if he likes someone
-likes sweets
-really really nice

Stuffed Cabbage Men

-looks like a herbivore but is actually a carnivore

Mom men

-looks good in warm colored aprons
-likes kids and liked by kids
-really good at cooking
-motherliness rather than fatherliness

All of these types originate from guys and girls thinking of their ideal girlfriend or boyfriend. Do you want these guys or girls to be your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or were you one of these types?

Source: Tokyo Girls' Update
Source article written by zoomie

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