“Touken Ranbu” to Become Stage Musical

“Touken Ranbu” to Become Stage Musical

The browser game especially popular with females, Touken Ranbu: Online, is getting a state adaptation. Moreover, two shows are being produced: a musical and a stage play. All at once, this fun handheld game is taking on the stage.

Marvelous, which has created many stage shows referred to as “2.5D musicals” to date, and Nelke Planning are creating this project. With so many achievements under their belts, it seems there is much to look forward to.

Marvelous is developing the stage play, while Nelke Planning is handling the musical. There is also a plan likely to gain attention in which the two stage shows, in addition to the popular game, will compete over which is best. The game, though there is a setting, takes on the nature of browser games in not having a clear story. Now, however, attention is being given to creating a story as well. Performance dates, cast, character visuals, and other details will be announced at a later date, but we can expect surprises.

Touken Ranbu: Online is produced by DMM Games, and Nitroplus handled the characters and scenario. In the game, players become a “Saniwa sage” and train male characters called Touken Danshi who are personifications of famous swords used by some of history’s most prominent figures. The game is especially popular with females from teens to 30-somethings.

Source: animeanime

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