“Ultra Heroes: The Live” Overseas Tour to Be Held All Over Asia Beginning in Hong Kong

“Ultra Heroes: The Live” Overseas Tour to Be Held All Over Asia Beginning in Hong Kong

Ultra Heroes: The Live: Acro Battle Chronicle is a new entertainment show created this year. The ongoing Ultra series is one that defines the hero show genre and is popular even with adults. The series’ popularity doesn’t stop just in Japan, it is also enjoyed by fans all throughout Asia. Recently an Asia tour of Ultra Heroes: The Live: Acro Battle Chronicle was announced. The tour will kick off in July in Hong Kong before touring other parts of Asia including Taiwan and Macao. It seems the series is even gathering attention for being a hero show advancing into foreign markets.

Support is high for the Ultra series not just in Japan, but overseas as well, particularly in Asian countries. The series’ events are also popular. The event “Ultraman Live in Genting 2015” held from February to March in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, was a huge success with recorded attendance at 43,000 over its 39-day period. Due to the series having similar success all over Asia, the newest show currently in development in Japan, Ultra Heroes: The Live: Acro Battle Chronicle, has been confirmed for an Asia tour.

The talked-about cast, which includes for Japan performances Olympic men’s gymnastics gold medalist Daisuke Nakano and parkour performer Zen, will be the same for overseas performances. The Hong Kong performances will include Nakano, Zen, and Hong Kong actress Bella. These top athletes will perform “Ultra Battles” onstage. On the other hand, the script and performance will be original and customized to the local audience. It will also be performed in Cantonese.

Live events such as this one centered around characters are currently popular as a major genre in Japan. At the same time, a highlight of this live Ultra show will be how battles will unfold among the Ultra Heroes from Japan on overseas stages.

From hereon, Tsuburaya Productions and Fields, who are jointly developing this live show, plan to bring more works to a wide range of fans in Asia.

Ultra Heroes: The Live: Acro Battle Chronicle

Dates: July 9 (Thurs.) – 12 (Sun.), 2015
Venue: Asia World Expo
Performers: Daisuke Nakano, Zen, Bella
Language: Cantonese

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi


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