Hot Guys Sword Fighting in Their Underwear! Brand New Pose Collection ‘Katana Danshi’

Katana Danshi Cover

Katana Danshi, an all new pose collection of newly photographed scenes dedicated to guys holding, preparing, waving or slashing swords, will be released by Libre Publishing on June 10, 2015.

So that you too can draw sword fights, over 120 essential poses have been compiled, from the fundamentals of manipulating a blade to two guys crossing swords whilst dressed only in their underwear.

Kantana Danshi - here comes the boom?!

The book will be sold by BL (Boys’ Love) specialist publisher Libre Publishing. So far they’ve sold a collection of pretty guys crying titled Ikemen Danshi and a collection of hot guys who work in book stores titled Shoten Danshi, successively giving birth to the “ikemen boom.”

Hiroyuki Nakagawa—a sword fighting choreographer who has appeared in the musical based on the Bleach manga Rock Musical Bleach, Ninja Illusion: Naruto, and the TV New Year period drama Ryoma ga Yuku—was responsible for supervising and guiding the choreography.

**You can even use them commercially too!**
The photo book collects scenes of guys facing off against each other holding swords and dressed in hakama or just casually in a kimono and obi belt.

On top of that, the male models are “sheathed” down to their kimata (underwear) which allows you to see their muscle movements as they strike various genuine swordsmanship poses.

Furthermore, the contents of the photos can be freely used for business purposes too.

Just recently, Touken Ranbu—the game where swords have been anthropomorphized into pretty boys—has become popular. Among girls, the combination of guys and swords continues to boom. Katana Danshi is a must-see photo collection for, or course, those who think they’d like try drawing something as cool as sword-wielding studs, and also for those who just want to gaze at them forever.

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Source: KAI-YOU
Source article written by Mizuho Kikuchi

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