Girls, Idols, and Fetishism: The Super Unique Aimai Bishoujo Art Exhibition

From the official site of Aimai Bishoujo Art Exhibition

Aimai Bishoujo Art Exhibition, an event featuring the works of artists who publish illustrations filled with cute girls, idols, and fetishism, will be held from April 29 (Wed.) to May 10 (Sun.) at Todays Gallery Studio in Asakusabashi.

Participating in the exhibition are the five teams of Manabu Koga, the creator of Underwater Knee-High Girls; Kiyoyuki Amano, the developer of the Hikaru Skirt; Yuria, the creator of Futomomo Photo Studio, a photo collection only containing girls’ thighs; REALISE, the costume brand that released the Front Zipper Swimsuit; and Charisma Fetch Layer’s Moira Kuchikaseya.

Art Born from Fetishes
Aimai Bishoujo Art Exhibition is a project organized as the second part of the gallery event held at Todays Gallery Studio that is free to visit for artists.

There will be more than 150 works on display according to plans, and during the event, the artists can freely exhibit their works in the space at their disposal, making it an exhibition that puts an importance on showing various worldviews.

In addition, the first 2,000 visitors will be presented with a postcard set featuring an original design as a bonus.

Kiyoyuki Amano

From a collection of Kiyoyuki Amano’s work

A creator associated with Omoshiro Houjin Kayac. He also organizes live performances on the relativity theory with the subject of “technology × design × ideas.”

Moreover, he also developed the wearable device Hikaru Skirt as a project to expand upon the zettai ryoiki (absolute territory). The skirts also appeared in a PV by the idol unit Moso Calibration, creating a sensation. In this exhibition, he is planning to display works made in collaboration with them.

Manabu Koga

Manabu Koga is the designer behind Underwater Knee-High Girls and Underwater Knee-High Girls Plus, collections featuring photos of girls wearing knee socks underwater. He is continuing to shoot girls underwater for his videos.

This time, in addition to the unpublished new works he will be displaying besides works related to Underwater Knee-High Girls, visitors will be able to experience his video “360 Video Underwater Knee-High Girls” featuring shots from all angles.


Yuria is a photographer who takes pictures of girls’ thighs in various situations. His Futomomo Photo Collection sold at the 2014 Design Festa became a hot topic, and all 500 volumes sold out.

In addition to his work up until present, he is also planning on displaying new work from Futomomo Photo Studio - Summer (tentative title) scheduled to release in July.


Sticky Skin by REALISE

REALISE is a swimsuit costume brand. Recently, they released a swimsuit that accentuates the cleavage with a double zipper allowing the wearer to open and close the front of the suit.

The double zipper swimsuit caught fire from social media sites and created a major sensation on the artist communty pixiv where numerous related illustrations were submitted. In this exhibition, they will be announcing a new model they just finished shooting.

Moira Kuchikaseya

Moira Kuchikaseya works in a wide range of fields including photography, DJ, and designer for the brands Mekemonia and SchoolFiction, using the concept “nerdy and fetishistic conceptual ero loli girls.”

His representative works feature a duck-shaped mouth gag. Visitors will likely be able to see works related to cute girls and fetishism at this exhibition, too. In addition, on April 29 (Wed.) and May 10 (Sun.), Kuchikaseya himself will be present as well.

Event Information
Name: Aimai Bishoujo Art Exhibition
Dates & Times: April 29 (Wed.) - May 10 (Sun.), 2015 | 11:00~19:00 (closes at 18:00 on the last day)
Venue: Todays Gallery Studio, 5F | 5-27-6 Asakusabashi, Taito, Tokyo 111-0053
Entrance Fee: ¥500 (first 2,000 visitors get presented with an original postcard set)
Organizer: Bacon Co., Ltd.
Exhibitors: Kiyoyuki Amano (Hikaru Skirt), Manabu Koga (Underwater Knee-High Girls), Moira Kuchikaseya (Duck-Shaped Gags), REALISE (Front Zipper Swimsuit), Yuria (Futomomo Photo Studio)
(listed in alphabetical order)

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Source: KAI-YOU
Source article written by Mizuho Kikuchi

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