Blacksmith Team Creates Hylian Shield from ‘The Legend of Zelda’; Shows off Shield’s Impregnable Defensive Power in Test Run

Man at Arms, an expert blacksmith team who creates realistic replicas of weapons from video games, has released a new video in their popular series. In a change of pace, this time they created the Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda.

Production began with cutting out the shape of the shield from a single piece of steel. The shield’s curvature and embellishes were carefully crafted by heating up the shield and striking it with a hammer. The end result is a wonderfully perfect Hylian Shield that includes the symbol of the series, the Triforce, as well as the shield’s frame and all its details. For the project, Man at Arms also created yet another Master Sword, resulting in not just a perfect shield, but a perfect sword to go along with it.

At first it just looks like an ordinary sheet of steel.
The shield begins to take on a realistic look after it’s hammered and heated.
Embellishments including the Triforce are created, and the shield is painted.
The finished shield

As customary in their videos, the final segment of the video shows them testing out the shield, and this time they focused on battle testing. The shield protects not just from thrown cans and fruit, but just like in the game, arrows just bounce right off. Still, though, wanting to capitalize on their creation and test further, they even tested the shield in unconventional ways including using it to smash pots.

The right way to use a shield
Just like in the game, arrows just bounce right off.
And, of course, it can also be used offensively!

Source: Netolabo
Source article written by Tarochin

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