We asked everybody! What are some Hatsune Miku song lyrics that touched your heart?

We asked everybody! What are some Hatsune Miku song lyrics that touched your heart? 0

Everyone has their own reasons for falling in love with a piece of music. For instance, it could be the melody, the vocals, the rhythm, or the lyrics.

There are all sorts of lyrics! Bright and cheerful lyrics, sad and despairing lyrics... and Hatsune Miku's songs also encompass a wide variety of lyrics. And so, this time we will be sharing everyone's responses to the question below!
"Please tell us some Hatsune Miku song lyrics that moved you emotionally."

"senbonsakura yoruni magire, kimino koemo todokanaiyo"
(A thousand cherry trees disappear into the night, and not even your voice will be able to reach.)
From Thousand Cherry Tree

"itsukamata aeruyo, zutto kimiwo omotteru"
(One day we will meet again. I'll always be thinking of you.)
From Hajimari no Sayonara

"daremo oshietekurenaide, sekaihasakasani mawaridasu"
(Nobody told me this would happen, but the world has started rotating in reverse.)
From Matryoshka

"suyasuya yumewomiteru kiminoyokogao kidukazu koboretanamida"
(Soundly sleeping, I am dreaming. I see the profile of your face, as you fail to notice the tears streaming down my cheeks.)
From Last Night, Good Night

"kiminitsutaetaikotoga, kiminitodoketaikotoga, takusannotenha senninatte tookukanataetohibiku"
(The things I want to tell you, the things I want to reach you, these countless points become one line, reaching afar and resonating with you.)
From Tell Your World

"bokuhautauyo egaowokuretakimiganaiterutoki tayorinonaibokudakeredo kiminokorowomamoritai"
(I will sing. When you, who gave me a smile, are crying--though I may not be the most dependable person, I want to protect you.)
From Utani Katachiha naikeredo

"yogorenaikokorosutete kimiwoaishite ikirarerunara konohanesae kirisutete akumani miwoyudaneteshimaou"
(Throwing away a heart that can't be tainted, and falling in love with you. If I'm able to live like this, I would even clip off these wings, and submit myself to the devil.)
From Himitsu -Kuro no Chikai-

"rainennoimagoroniha donnawatashigaite donnakimigairunokana"
(Around this time a year from now, I wonder what kind of person I will be, and what kind of person you will be.)
From Hajimeteno Koiga Owarutoki

"sekaide ichibanohimesama souiuatsukai kokoroeteyone"
(The number one princess in the world. Be sure to treat me as such, got it?)
From World Is Mine

"I can see this future is right now Cause my voice is always going around"
From Sharing The World

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We asked everybody! What are some Hatsune Miku song lyrics that touched your heart? 1

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