Hatsune Miku VocaloP Special Feature: 40mP, Creator of “Karakuri Pierrot”

In this series, we introduce one Vocaloid producer of Hatsune Miku songs each day! Today we are featuring 40mP, creator of the song "Karakuri Pierrot"!

While most of 40mP's musical compositions are refreshing and cheerful pop songs, the compositions with calm melodies are also capable of pulling listeners into the unique musical world of that song, earning 40mP’s works the impression of being orthodox.

According to 40mP, while there usually exists a measurement error of approximately 38.3m, his productions are usually of a massive length, totaling around 40m. Amongst 40mP’s musical compositions, Hatsune Miku also reaches a total length of 40m.

Karakuri Pierrot

Torinoko City (Left Behind City)

Time Machine

40mP's Playlist

March 9 is Hatsune Miku Day!
In Japanese, three can be pronounced as both “mi” and “san.” Nine can be pronounced as both “ku” and “kyuu.” Therefore, March 9 can be pronounced, for the sake of pronunciation play, as “Miku” and “sankyuu,” which sounds like “thank you.” That is why March 9 is the day to celebrate Hatsune Miku.

Tokyo Otaku Mode operates on the idea of “bringing happiness to the world through otaku culture,” and since Hatsune Miku is a big part of Japan’s otaku culture, we had to do something exciting for Miku Day, March 9.

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