Everyone Has Great Reasons to Love Hatsune Miku!

Everyone Has Great Reasons to Love Hatsune Miku! 0

This time we collect everyone's reasons for loving Hatsune Miku! They really express everybody's passion for Hatsune Miku and love for music. Which ones can you relate with?

"Everyone can share thier own creations without restrictions."
"She can make any person Love her with her beautiful voice."
"She makes me happy every time I hear her voice."
"She sing the most beautiful songs that i've ever heard in my life."
"She brought music into my life."
"She has the voice that can satisfy all my emotional needs."
"I like the style of her voice, and the character design."
"It's open to everyone. The content created by artists are endless, and there is variety."
"She inspires me to be myself and lets me know i'm not alone in this world."
"She is now a symbol of musical freedom the world over Plus, she's very cute!"
"She has the most powerful voice amongst all other vocaloids."
"She is cute pretty and sings really well and seems like a nice person like a very positive person."
"Because anyone can buy the software and make amazing music with it. She is the future of music."
"Miku help me to understand many things in life."
"Her voice is beautiful and she is cute."
"I like the design, I like the whole synth sound to her voice."
"She make my life more colorfull, her song, her voice can make my mind flying."
"Hatsune Miku pratically saved me from depression. Whenever I listen to her songs, it brings me joy."
"Her voice is unique and she has so many songs in different genre."
"She is very Kawaii and her voice is more better than gold and I can feel future from her!"

March 9 is Hatsune Miku Day!
In Japanese, three can be pronounced as both “mi” and “san.” Nine can be pronounced as both “ku” and “kyu.” Therefore, March 9 can be pronounced, for the sake of pronunciation play, as “Miku” and “sankyuu,” which sounds like thank you. That is why March 9th is day for appreciation of Hatsune Miku.

Tokyo Otaku Mode operates on the idea of “bringing happiness to the world through otaku culture.” Hatsune Miku is a big part of Japan’s otaku culture, so we had to do something exciting for Miku Day, March 9.

Therefore, we will be featuring Hatsune Miku for two weeks beginning on March 9!
The following will be featured:

1, Sale on Hatsune Miku products
2, Introductions to Hatsune Miku illustrations and music
3, In-depth articles related to Hatsune Miku

Plus! A concurrent campaign is also being held with exclusive Hatsune Miku products as prizes! Get the details here!

Everyone Has Great Reasons to Love Hatsune Miku! 1

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