Beauty Care Infused with Anime! ‘World Masterpiece Theater’ Joins Unique Face Pack Series!

Beauty Care Infused with Anime! ‘World Masterpiece Theater’ Joins Unique Face Pack Series! 0

Isshin Do Honpo has started a huge trend in unique face packs ever since they designed and sold colourful “Kabuki Face Packs” in December 2013. From animals to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure packs, and rock band KISS packs, the company has done it again! The latest addition is the “Friend Face Packs” with designs of popular characters Nello and Patrasche.

Patrasche is the main character’s best friend in A Dog of Flanders, a movie that will make those who watch it cry at least once. When you’re feeling tired from your busy schedule in this current society that is known for being stressful and you’re ready to give in and say “Patrasche, I’ve had enough…”, use the Patrasche Face Pack!

Rascal the Raccoon is a story of a young boy and his friendship with a raccoon. Just thinking about the last goodbye scene is bound to make some people emotional… For all the cheeky gluttons like Rascal, the Rascal design is the perfect face pack. Even for those days when you’ve had too much to eat or drink, sleeping with this face pack on will give you soft, elastic skin the next morning.

This is what it looks like with the face packs on. The face packs consist of three beauty ingredients––hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C––as well as lavender extract for a calming effect. These face packs are carefully made not only for design but for skin care, so you can use them without any worries.

Isshin Do Honpo created the “Design Face Pack” series to spread Japanese culture abroad, while the concept of World Masterpiece Theater was to teach Japanese children about foreign cultures. Mutual understanding of cultures was the idea that came from both these groups, creating this “Friend Face Pack.” It’s perfect as a White Day present or a graduation/entrance present to those you are thankful to, and a great item that could lead to a deeper friendship. These will be available at the Tokyu Hands stores, Haneda Airport (International flights), or by mail order.

Popularity for these items from Isshin Do Honpo hasn’t decreased one bit. It’ll be exciting to see what other face packs they’ll create in the future!

Product Details: Friend Face Pack (Isshin Do Honpo)
Sale Date: March 11 (Wed.), 2015
Price: 900 yen each (tax included) / 2 packs included
Stores: Tokyu Hands (all stores), Haneda Airport International Flights, mail order
Ingredients: hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin C

Official Website
Friend Face Pack (Isshin Do Honpo)

Source: Gadget Tsushin
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