Pure Beauty…! This Work of Art Rib Cage Blouse is Trending Now

Rib Cage Blouse/Model: Heidi(@heidi_tk), Design: TETZ-CO(@tetzco), Creation & Arrangement: TRMN(@yorotinnko)

Made to replicate the placement and look of parts of the human skeleton, this Rib Cage Blouse fashion piece has been making its way across the Internet for its elegant design and artistry.

Photographer TRMN reproduced a real-life version of illustrator TETZ-CO’s design. The unique design was arranged in such a way that it could be worn realistically on the human body. TRMN posted the finished piece on his Twitter account, where it has received much praise for its breathtaking artistic sense.

Uniquely Visionary! The Beautiful Rib Cage Blouse

The original design by TETZ-CO was introduced in 2014 under the concept of turning basic body components such as bones, muscles, intestines, veins, and more into fashion. TRMN based his creation on one of the illustrations from an illustrated catalog named Gozoroppu Neurosis, which TETZ-CO created to visualize his fashion concept under a fictitious brand.

So beautiful even as a test arrangement!

It looks exactly like a rib cage!

The back even depicts the cervical vertebrae, spine, scapula, lumbar vertebrae, and sacrum!

The piece is modeled by Heidi (@heidi_tk). If you look closely, you can see the decoration piece for the heart as well!

Here is a shot from the back. The beauty is almost otherworldly! Aside from this replica, another cosplayer named Shin’ has also replicated one of TETZ-CO’s illustrations with the Kidney Cat Suit. Born from the incredible ideas of such creators, we wait to see what else will come from the creation of the Rib Cage Blouse!

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Source: KAI-YOU
Source article written by Kodak Kawaguchi

Rib Cage Blouse - Model: Heidi (@heidi_tk), Design: TETZ-CO (@tetzco), Creation & Arrangement: TRMN (@yorotinnko)
Rib Cage Blouse - Model: Heidi (@heidi_tk), Design: TETZ-CO (@tetzco), Creation & Arrangement: TRMN (@yorotinnko)

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