Creator Interview: Kuuchuu Yousai

Kuuchuu Yousai is an illustrator who draws incredibly adorable girls. Capturing every detail from the deepest parts of the eyes to the highlights on the hair, he depicts girls in a natural way. Currently, he does professional rough drawings and illustration work for games, while also leading a doujinshi circle called Pagupagu Magu. We spoke with Kuuchuu Yousai about his involvement in ita-curtains, as well as other work.

His illustration for a recent ita-curtain contrasts the image of a smiling young girl in pigtails with a scandalous everyday scene. Against the simple background, the image of the girl stands out...nicely. Kuuchuu Yousai himself shared that he “liked how it’s not really a curtain design,” and revealed that the idea for the illustration just came to him on instinct. Production took approximately three days to complete. Citing one area of the design, he commented, “I drew this flatter than I do most of the work I produce.”

Kuuchuu Yousai didn’t start illustrating until he was 30 years old. Looking back at that time, he said, “What got me started was that I didn’t know enough about doing art, so I thought, ‘Couldn’t anyone do it if they try it?’”

He may have naturally suited to drawing. Kuuchuu Yousai has become successful doing professional design illustrations for various video games, and has also shown work at the Eshi 100 exhibit. He also handles the illustrations for the male-targeted series Queen’s Blade. While drawing professionally each day, he reportedly experienced some “difficult times” at the beginning. Showing his professional determination, he commented, “I know now that it was a difficult point, and I would say I am more of a rough sketch artist than an illustrator.”

When asked if he would want to challenge himself with something besides ita-curtains, he enthusiastically responded, “If I have the opportunity, I’d like to try something like an umbrella illustration.” We’ll be eagerly awaiting future illustrations and products from Kuuchuu Yousai featuring cute girls!

You can find Kuuchuu Yousai’s ita-curtain below!
Kuuchuu Yousai Illustrated Curtains

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Creator Interview: Kuuchuu Yousai 1

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