Anime “Ninja Slayer From Animation” Production Report, The Third!

Hi there! It’s K again, in charge of animations here at KADOKAWA. In this third update, we’ll be introducing the developments at the screenplay meeting. We finally get to meet the creators this time!

It looks like the tasks of this meeting are “series composition” and “reading.” “Series composition” is the overall management of the script which summarizes the flow of the entire story. As of today (Nov. 11), the original novel series of Ninja Slayer has 11 volumes out. If you include the highly acclaimed translations currently being serialized on Twitter, well then…we have an astronomical number of original materials. Just the topic of which episodes to select is resulting in a tumultuous debate!

And we snap a photo from behind.
I believe this is the third volume of the novel series.
I wonder if a scene from this volume will make it into the animation?!

After the episodes have generally been decided, the next step is the “reading phase.” This phase involves verifying and correcting the script of each individual episode, and is carried out by the series director, Mr. Akiyama, the main staff members, along with a total of 10 members from the translation team. With ideas from the TRIGGER team incorporated into to script, the story has become even more interesting!

This process of “reading” described above occurs on a weekly basis. There are times when it goes smoothly, and other times, not quite… Everyone is serious about the task at hand, as the decisions made here will carry through to the very end. The translation team is also proofreading diligently. Excuse my photo-taking! This time, Raika Sugi and Yuu Honda are also participating.

I wonder what I should take a photo of next. Oh! Do you mind if I take a picture of this??

…and, unfortunately it looks like our time is up. Sorry!

Please look forward to the next update, where we will be revealing even more insider stories from the production battlefront!


Anime “Ninja Slayer From Animation” Production Report, The Third! 1
Anime “Ninja Slayer From Animation” Production Report, The Third! 2

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