"Terraformars" Swarm Figures to Release

Bandai’s candy division has announced that it will release this December a toy and candy combo themed after the Terraformars from the anime *TERRAFORMARS * to begin broadcasting this fall called “Terraformars Swarm Figures” (300 yen plus tax, four to collect, each box includes three figures).

The product is themed after an image from the series of a swarm of humanoid Terraformars. Their approximately 50 millimeter height makes them easy to assemble and easy to decorate, and they are a “3 in 1” product, meaning three figures come in each box. This new style of figure allows for enjoyment of a “swarm” with only one box, but you can also collect several boxes and enjoy a large outbreak of them on your desk.

The lineup features four different kinds of Terraformars. Each of their poses match those from the series.

About Terraformars
*Terraformars* was ranked No. 1 among males on the 2013 “This Manga is Awesome!” ranking, and a TV anime adaptation will begin broadcasting this fall. The story takes place on Mars and depicts battles between humans and Terraformars.

■ Name: Terraformars Swarm Figures
(four to collect, each box includes three figures)
■ MSRP: 300 yen plus tax
■ Age Rating: 15 and up
■ Set Contents: 3 figures, gum (soda flavored)
■ Release Date: December 2014 (Japan domestic)

© Yu Sasuga, Kenichi Tachibana / Shueisha Inc., Project Terraformars

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