One Piece Theme Park to Open in Tokyo Tower in Spring 2015, Amuse to Launch New Company

One Piece Theme Park to Open in Tokyo Tower in Spring 2015, Amuse to Launch New Company

A One Piece theme park will be coming to the middle of Tokyo next spring. It was revealed on the official One Piece site that “One Piece Theme Park” (tentative name) will be opening in Tokyo Tower in the spring of 2015.

The theme park will consist of live shows, attractions, restaurants, shops selling original goods, and more. The theme park’s official site will open and begin distributing information soon. Details will also be announced in forthcoming issues of Weekly Shonen Jump.

To date, live-action entertainment for the One Piece series, which is popular as a manga and anime, have included theme park attractions and exhibits. Each one proved very popular, though they were only held for a limited time. The newly announced theme park makes use of this experience and will be a permanent fixture that fans can visit anytime they want. Keep your eyes on how One Piece will be developed into a theme park, the most extreme character business.

Having a big role in the planning and management of the theme park is music industry frontrunner Amuse. Amuse has announced that it will launch a new business called Amuse Quest (tentative name) on July 22. Amuse Quest is a planning and production company that is advancing the Amuse Tokyo Tower Project (tentative name) to be held in the Tokyo Tower FootTown Building. The company also aims to plan, develop, and manage the theme park from here on. A limited liability partnership (LLP) for Amuse Quest (tentative name) will be established on Sept. 26 for the theme park. The capital stock for the theme park is 3 billion yen which will be invested by Amuse Quest and other companies.

One Piece Theme Park (Tentative Name) Official Site

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