March Issue of Earth Star to Include Pupa Uncut Edition DVD, Shocking Contents Revealed

© Sayaka Mogi / Earth Star Entertainment / Pupa Production Committee
© Sayaka Mogi / Earth Star Entertainment / Pupa Production Committee

Pupa began broadcasting in January on Tokyo MX. It’s a shocking work in which the main character Yume Hasegawa becomes a monster due to a mysterious virus and eats her older brother, Utsutsu Hasegawa. Because of its extreme content, it had to be edited for its TV broadcast.

An advance screening of the uncut version of Pupa was held on Jan. 21, and at the event it became clear that many people wanted to see more. Because of this, the magazine Monthly Comic Earth Star in which the manga is currently serialized is going to carry out a surprise project.

The March issue of Monthly Comic Earth Star on sale Feb. 12 will include a DVD of the uncut anime. This is in response to fans’ strong wishes to see it in its original form. The uncut DVD will include Episodes 1-3. A highlight is the enthusiastic performances of the cast that can only be heard in the uncut edition, such as Ibuki Kido who plays the female lead pouring her abilities into the recording, even doing things like actually eating during recording the “feeding scenes,” and Nobunaga Shimazaki who plays Utsutsu displaying a fine performance of enduring agonizing pain.

At an advance screening of the uncut version last December, the first and second parts were completely sold out, which speaks to the level of interest in the show. For those in attendance only, the uncut version was finally shown. But we wonder just what this version is like.

The March issue of Monthly Comic Earth Star will cost ¥600 (tax included). On the same day, the fifth and final volume of the original work will also release. This too will have not-to-be-missed content.

The manga Pupa by Sayaka Mogi was serialized from 2011-2013. Currently, over 650,000 copies have been sold. The anime was directed by Tomomi Mochizuki whose works include Absolute Boy and Ocean Waves, and the animation was produced by Studio Deen, which also created Meganebu! and Kifū Dōdō!! Kanetsugu to Keiji.

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Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

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