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This time, we’d like to introduce the Frieza arc of the manga version of Dragon Ball.

Vegeta has retreated and Goku and his friends have saved Earth from danger. However, it is at the cost of many of their friends’ lives––Piccolo and Kami have been killed and the Dragon Balls are gone. From his conversation with Vegeta, Krillin learns that there are Dragon Balls on Namek, Piccolo’s home planet. Gohan and Bulma work together to fix up an ancient spaceship used by Kami, and the gang heads to Namek.

On the planet Namek are the wish-granting Dragon Balls that Goku and the others seek so they can bring their dead friends back to life. However, Vegeta isn’t the only other person who knows of this truth, it has also reached the ears of the strongest warrior in the cosmos, Frieza. In fact, Frieza and his subordinates have already landed on Namek, where Vegeta, who openly opposes Frieza, is searching for the Dragon Balls by himself. While keeping their movements a secret, Krillin and Gohan begin trying to collect the Dragon Balls quicker than Frieza and Vegeta.

Meanwhile, the Ginyu Force summoned by Frieza arrives on Namek. Facing off against these five warriors who each possess power that exceeds that of Vegeta’s, Gohan and his friends find themselves in a pinch and are saved by Goku after he finally arrived on Namek after training throughout the journey in a spaceship. Goku takes out the Ginyu Force and finally faces off against Frieza. The curtain opens on the most epic battle to ever take place in the universe.

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Dragon Ball Part 5-81: Frieza Art. Updated with two chapters each weekday!
Dragon Ball Part 5-81: Frieza Art. Updated with two chapters each weekday!

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