Inu Yashiki Begins Serialization in Kodansha’s Evening, Gantz Creator Hiroya Oku Challenges Himself By Starting Anew from the Ground Up

Inu Yashiki © Hiroya Oku / Kodansha Ltd.

A new work to keep an eye on has appeared in the popular shonen manga magazine Evening. In the Jan. 28 issue, Hiroya Oku’s newest work, Inu Yashiki, began serialization. Oku is a popular mangaka well-known for his works Hen and Gantz. The manga begins with a full-color, 57 page story, and of course the front cover of the magazine also features Inu Yashiki, so it stands out in any store.

Hiroya Oku’s work Hen began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump in 1992, and in 1996 became a hit when it began mixing into other media including a TV drama adaptation. Continuing from this, Gantz started serialization in Weekly Young Jump in 2000. This series boasts a good reputation as well for its thrilling and grand developments using elaborate CG. This hit too went on to become anime, games, live-action films, and more and is still fresh in many a mind.

The main character in the newly serialized Inu Yashiki is middle-aged salaryman. This main character is a man of “nots” - he’s not a good-looking guy (ikemen), he’s not beautiful girl (bishoujo), he’s not trusted by his family, and he’s not successful at his company. He is a completely unassuming character who no one would imagine weaving a story about.

The main character of Inu Yashiki was revealed in the previous issue of Evening. At the same time starting on page 429, a special called “I Am Inu Yashiki” was published to answer readers’ questions.

“I Am Inu Yahsiki” features images from a wonderful team of 11 authors who drew what they thought the main character would look like. These 11 names are Gido Amagakure, Akimine Kamijō, Yasuaki Kita yasuhisa Kubo, Nagaba Suzuki, Kōsuke Hamada, Boichi, Hiro Mashima, Naoki Yamamoto, Hideo Yamamoto, and Fumi Yoshinaga. This variety of authors each express their thoughts regarding the work; it’s a worthwhile read.

Inu Yashiki has been rapidly developing from the beginning, and readers are already voicing their anticipation for the next chapter. Oku has picked up attention before for changing to a different genre when he transitioned from Hen to Gantz. Now, with the genre shift from Gantz to Inu Yashiki, it seems he has created another irresistible work.

Inu Yashiki Official Site

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Yushi Makari

© Hiroya Oku / Kodansha Ltd.

Inu Yashiki © Hiroya Oku / Kodansha Ltd.
*Inu Yashiki* © Hiroya Oku / Kodansha Ltd.
Inu Yashiki © Hiroya Oku / Kodansha Ltd.
*Inu Yashiki* © Hiroya Oku / Kodansha Ltd.

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