The First Kirby Game in Three Years! Hoshi no Kirby Triple Deluxe to Release in 2014

The Oct. 1 edition of Nintendo Direct, an online-distributed presentation in which Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, announces the latest news on upcoming titles, included a surprising announcement that fans were overjoyed with.

It was announced that the newest game in the Kirby series, titled Hoshi no Kirby Triple Deluxe, will be released on the Nintendo 3DS next year.

The video presentation showed that this new game will be a side-scrolling action game that will retain Kirby’s characteristic ability to inhale objects and enemies in order to copy their appearance and abilities.

Also introduced for the first time is Kirby’s ability to copy new characters that look like rhinoceros beetles, which also changes his look to a beetle-like appearance.

Hoshi no Kirby Triple Deluxe was first announced in 2011 as a Wii game. Fans have had to wait three long years for this new game, which is now being developed for the Nintendo 3DS.

Details on the game weren’t announced during the presentation, but based on the title, it seems fans can expect deeply action-oriented content that can be enjoyed together with friends in much the same way as the huge hit game Kirby Super Star which was released on the Super Nintendo in 1996 to high acclaim.

Source: Kai-You
Source article written by Yūya Yoshida

Nintendo Direct 2013.10.1 Hoshi no Kirby Triple Deluxe presentation video
Nintendo Direct 2013.10.1 *Hoshi no Kirby Triple Deluxe* presentation video

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