“Ghost in the Shell: Arise” Advance Screening and Teach-in Held to Gear Up for Movie’s Release

“Ghost in the Shell: Arise” Advance Screening and Teach-in Held to Gear Up for Movie’s Release

At last, the first part of the Ghost in the Shell: Arise series will be released in theaters in Japan next month. Ghost in the Shell: Arise is the latest anime series of the world-renown popular title Ghost in the Shell. Being the “fourth Ghost in the Shell” following after the original manga, the movie, and the TV series, this is a large-scale project that challenges to make films with a brand new cast. It was gathering attention even before its start.

To commemorate the completion of the first part of this 4-part series, Ghost in the Shell: Arise Border 1: Ghost Pain, an advance screening event was held on May 24. The entire movie was screened at Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills and Toho Cinemas Umeda. In Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills, a teach-in was also held where the main staff talked in depth about the work.

Three people participated in the teach-in: general manager and character designer Kazuchika Kise, series composer and scriptwriter Tow Ubukata, and the company president of Production I.G, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa.

Kise is an animator who participated in previous Ghost in the Shell works such as Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence as animation director. Since this time he assumes the role of director, he will create the works with a different approach than was used before.

On the other hand, Ubukata is a science-fiction writer known for Mardock Scramble, and Ishikawa is the founding producer of Production I.G, the studio that’s representative work is the Ghost in the Shell series. This was a great occasion to hear about their thoughts on Ghost in the Shell in three different ways from their respective points of view.

The special trait of this work is that it takes place before the other parts of the series, before Section 9 was founded. In this movie, the mysteries surrounding the birth of Section 9 will be revealed.

In 2027, there was an bombing incident Newport City using a self-propelled land mine that caused the death of a man who was suspected of illegal weapon trafficking. In search of his cyberbrain, Aramaki Daisuke from Public Security is trying to dig him out of the military cemetery when someone points a gun at his back. That someone is none other than Kusanagi Motoko from the 501 Organization: a cyber army unit working to clear the charges of the killed superior officer.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise Official Site:
http://www.kokaku-a.com/ (Japanese)

http://animeanime.jp/article/2013/05/17/14072.html (Japanese)
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

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