A “Welding Expert” Works in a Maid Cafe in Akihabara!?

Jam Akihabara is a well-established maid cafe in Akihabara. It has been around since before the maid cafe boom and has many fans due to its soothing and invigorating atmosphere. However, there is a uniqueness to Jam Akihabara outside of its longevity: One of its Fairies (the name for the staff at Jam Akihabara) is an expert welder. Her name is Himeka.

Himeka’s father is a welding specialist, and she grew up surrounded by welding machines and tools. Himeka majored in mechanical engineering in college and studied welding, mechanical design, programming, iron plating, and lathing. Since she was a child, she has liked robot contest TV shows and she dreamed of building her own robot.

After she graduated college, Himeka began working at Jam Akihabara. Aside from working at the cafe, she also acts and plays in a band. Due to these activities, props and accessories are a must, and Himeka makes them all herself using a soldering iron. She picked up attention in January of this year when an article on her titled “Akiba Welder Maid” was published in the newspaper Welding News and the speciality magazine Welding Arts, both of which are on display at Jam Akihabara for any patrons who are interested in reading them.

Himeka’s future goal is to perform a welding demonstration during one of her band’s concerts. Himeka, who passionately talked about such welding flights of fancy, might be a bit of a dangerous Fairy.

Jam Akihabara’s Official Site:
http://www.jam-akiba.com/index.html (Japanese)

http://press.radiokaikan.jp/?p=44716 (Japanese)

Source article written by: Sei

Himeka, a Fairy at Jam Akihabara
Himeka, a Fairy at Jam Akihabara
Himeka has been featured in a newspaper and magazine.
Himeka has been featured in a newspaper and magazine.

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