“A Town Where You Live” - the Big Hit Adolescent Love Story is Becoming an Anime!

© 2013 “A Town Where You Live” Production Committee
© 2013 “A Town Where You Live” Production Committee

A Town Where You Live, an adolescent love story serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine, is being made into an anime. It is a story about searching for true love at the threshold between friendship and love, drawn in beautiful and tender lines.

Created by Koji Seo, A Town Where You Live is a big hit that is currently on its 21st Volume, with over 3.5 million copies sold in total.

The anime will be created by Gonzo, the studio that is well known for Afro Samurai, with Shigeyasu Yamauchi (*Casshern Sins*, Dream Eater Merry) in the director’s chair and Terumi Nishii (*Mawaru Penguindrum*) as character designer. Reiko Yoshida (*K-On!*, Bakuman) will be responsible for the screenplay and scenario. Keiichi Oku, who worked together with Yamauchi on Dream Eater Merry, will take on the role of music composer, meaning that the music is also something to look forward to.

A Town Where You Live takes place in Hiroshima. In the last few years, the number of manga that use Hiroshima as their setting, such as Tamayura, A Letter to Momo, and the still ongoing To All the Corners of the World, have been increasing. This might have a role in bringing more attention to the area.

Besides the announcement of the anime adaptation and the aforementioned information on the staff, no other information on the anime has been released. Look forward to hearing more information here on TokyoOtakuMode once it is announced.

A Town Where You Live (Anime) Official Site:
http://www.kiminoirumachi.com/ (Japanese)

http://animeanime.jp/article/2013/03/13/13282.html (Japanese)

© 2013 “A Town Where You Live” Production Committee

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