Regarding Shipping Prices to Canada

Canada shipment fees can be calculated differently depending on which warehouse they are coming from.

Japan Warehouse
For shipments from the Japan warehouse, they are no different than any other shipment from the Japan warehouse and vary by product and shipping method. All shipment fees at checkout are final and is the correct cost for what you will be charged. The shipping charge will change if you add or deduct products, or choose a different shipping method.

Your country's government may require customs taxes or other clearance fees to be paid before delivery. Local taxes and fees of this nature are not included in the shipping costs or Grand Total of your order. TOM has no control over and is not able to provide compensation for customs taxes or any related local charges.

US Warehouse
Along with the shipment fee for your item shown on the cart, there is a mandatory charge which you are required to pay for each shipment.

For shipments from the US warehouse only, Canada residents are no longer required to pay for customs and taxes. These fees that used to be paid by the carrier and then forwarded as a cash on delivery charge to residents will now no longer be required as TOM will pay for these fees on your behalf at the time of shipment.
This means when you pick up your package you won’t be charged any unexpected extra duties, higher than normal taxes, or import fees.

The cost of these fees will be collected as a mandatory charge based on the value of the products in your shipment at the time of checkout.
This fee is added on top of any shipping fees and is exempt from Free Shipping promotions and must always be paid.

Note: Discounts such as TOM Points and coupons cannot be applied to shipping fees or import charges, and can only be applied to the subtotal of your order.