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Billing and Payment Information

How often will I be charged for my membership?

When you place an order and join TOM Premium, you will be charged for the total membership fee upfront. You will not incur any charges for TOM Premium until your next scheduled auto renewal date, at w...

How do I stop my membership from auto renewing?

To stop auto renewals for your TOM Premium membership please visit your TOM Premium Membership dashboard and click the "Cancel Upcoming Renewal" link and then confirm your choice. This will ...

Can I cancel my membership and receive a refund?

Membership payments cannot be refunded once processed. You can cancel your next membership renewal from your TOM Premium Membership dashboard, but will lose access to all present and upcoming benefits...

How can I switch my annual/quarterly membership?

Visit your TOM Premium Membership page and click on edit by "Next Payment Plan" to proceed with switching your billing plan. NOTE: You cannot switch to quarterly billing to be effective imm...

Premium Benefits


How are Aniuta and TOM connected?

TOM has login syndication with Aniuta, and access to Aniuta with a TOM Premium account gives you the same access as normal Aniuta paid service members. TOM staff does not handle or have any direct ac...

How do I cancel my Aniuta membership?

As with all TOM Premium membership plans, you can cancel your next renewal for TOM Premium at any time via your user dashboard, but refunds and cancels are not allowed for ongoing memberships. Import...

What is Aniuta? How do I access it?

Aniuta is a streaming app, completely ad free with a library of all anime songs! Current premium members can switch your custom rewards on TOM Premium to receive Aniuta access. The price of TOM Premiu...


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