Show your Eva love with this stylish choker~


This choker feels high quality, this is no mediocre replica item for sure! The red plates are eye-catching in a subtle way and the leather choker fastens together magnetically. The vinyl case that's included feels sturdy and is a great way to store your choker.
I think even people who don't know about Evangelion can appreciate how stylish this choker is!

Great for showing off that zettai ryouiki!


The see-through stripe skirt overlaid with the shorter inner layer is perfect for showing off your perfect grade A zettai ryouiki while keeping the overall skirt length not too short. It can be used in a variety of styles, from punk to rock to sexy depending on what you coordinate it with.
One thing sizing-wise though is the max size of the waist needs to be able to fit through your thighs too, so keep that mind okay? v(。•̀ ᴗ - )✧

Osewaya Celestial Bracelet
Osewaya Celestial Bracelet$14.99
$0.14 cash back

Subtle yet adds a lot of style points to your outfit


It's a lot prettier in real-life and I'm pleased with this bracelet. The strings seem sturdy enough when handled with care and the weight of the charms are just enough to keep the bracelet sitting pretty on your wrist.
I had no difficulty putting the bracelet on myself as the length allowed was enough. I recommend this bracelet to those who wants to add a subtle sparkle to your outfit! If you are wearing long sleeves, wear this bracelet loose so that the charms just peek out slightly from underneath~

Mameshiba & Kotori Tai Dog & Bird Kitchen Pans
Mameshiba & Kotori Tai Dog & Bird Kitchen Pans$24.99 - $48.99
Up to $0.48 cash back

Will really brighten up your kitchen and cooking!


I bought the Kotori Tai version and it already makes me happy seeing it sitting on my stove top. It feels sturdy, not like the usual novelty kitchenware product that always feels like it's made of aluminium, and cooks evenly on medium heat. I also like the silicon handle cover, so you don't burn your hands when handling the pot.
I don't use it with high heat though, because I want to keep the cute pink colour of the pan's bottom and definitely, please hand wash the pan after use!
If you treat it with care, it is a good kitchen pan and will treat you well too ✧

Pooh-chan Vanity Cases
Pooh-chan Vanity Cases$25.99
$0.25 cash back

Compresses for easy storage but rises to the job when Pooh-chan is needed!


I really like how well the case compresses so flat for storage and all the extra compartments on the top part for eyeliners and an eye shadow case or eyebrow powder case.
Only thing is I feel the case is a bit small to contain something like a face powder compact along with all the other makeup essentials, so it's good to take note of that when considering whether to bring this Pooh-chan home with you!
I will use mine when I'm travelling to places where I won't use face powder.

So soft and punipuni, you will feel healed just holding Pooh-chan!


The pouch is a good size, and I love that there is a zip to keep everything safe inside. This Pooh-chan pouch is perfect to keep your house keys and your transportation pass together and so easy to clip onto any bag! The outside texture is so soft and smooth, you can't stop petting her~

Pooh-chan Pochette
Pooh-chan Pochette$27.99$21.83 - $27.99(Up to 22% OFF)
Up to $0.27 cash back

Holds more than her size looks!!


I got my original Pooh-chan Pochette at Shin-Osaka station...This is my most used bag because it carries a lot more than it looks like it can and doesn't look overstretched. Even my sister marvels at Pooh-chan's super powers!
4 years later and my original pochette is looking very 'well loved', so I began my search for a replacement just in case.
To my joy and delight, I found the exact same pochette...and for sale too!! This one is exactly like the one I bought all those years ago.
I highly recommend this pochette to lovelies who's got to bring all their precious stuff with them but doesn't want to carry a big bag~

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